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If you want to DISCOVER your true leadership potential, UNLOCK your superhuman leadership abilities and make a MASSIVE impact in your life and organization IMMEDIATELY, and even MAXIMIZE your results and productivity to THRIVE in any social or economic environment... then this is the most important book you'll read all year!

In this amazing new book from Master Life and Leadership Coach Geoffrey Ingram you'll uncover your true leadership potential and learn how to use it make a MASSIVE impact in your life, organization and community.

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In fact, here's just a sample of the tips and tricks Geoffrey Ingram will uncover in his insightful new read:
  • The FIRST step every leader needs to take when ready to advance in any organization or market
  • How to identify and master your personal leadership style in any situation or environment
  • The fool-proof leadership hack that works in ANY environment
  • ​How to unlock the SUPERHUMAN leadership potential within anyone

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All of this is a tall promise and at this point you may be wondering...

Who Is Geoffrey Ingram And Why Should I Listen To Him?

Fathers in the African-American community have been misrepresented as absentee, toxic and or poor role models. It's a powerful thing when fathers step up. It's also powerful when fathers step up and reach out beyond their biological family and help others in need. I am so proud to say that over the years, I have personally witnessed my friend and brother, Geoffrey Ingram be that kind of father to countless sons and daughters in the United States and Caribbean.

This book summarizes Geoff’s two decades of leadership experience, especially in the areas of marriage, fatherhood, entrepreneurship, management and ministry. Those who have the chance to read this manuscript will be uplifted, empowered, enlightened and motivated to go forth, especially young men.

Geoff has demonstrated what leadership looks like and is a breath of fresh air to the coaching community. He is truly equipping the next generation of creative, out of the box thinkers, leaders and business professionals to start living up to their full potential and will continue blazing the trail helping others reach their maximum potential!
Dr. Rashad Richey
Emmy nominated multi-media personality | Political Analyst for CBS News in Atlanta | Host of Real Talk with Rashad Richey | Chief Editor-At-Large and Sr. Writer for Rolling Out Magazine | Founder of The Rashad Richey Foundation, Inc., an organization dedicated to mentoring at-risk youth.

Geoffrey Ingram is an expert in developing top performing leaders whose accomplishments include:

Professional History:

  • Started first business at 14
  • ​Responsible for over $20 million in sales and revenue between ages 19-30 as Regional Sales Leader in two industries
  • ​Managed and led teams on multiple multi-million dollar operations for over 15 years in public and nonprofit sectors
  • ​Trained, coached and led hundreds of high performing managers, leaders, salespeople, educators, and entrepreneurs
  • ​​Founder of iCreate Inc. International, a company that coaches and trains hundreds of creative and out of the box thinkers and leaders ready to transition into lives and careers of purpose while reaching their true potential

Personal Info:

  • Teen father
  • ​Husband of 14 years and father of 7
  • ​Overcame several obstacles such as homelessness while mourning the death of an infant from SIDS
  • ​Passionate and committed to empowering young leaders around the world to make a better life for themselves and their families
  • ​Co-Founder of nonprofit organization that empowers families to have balanced lives, healthy relationships, and successful careers in the United States, The Bahamas and Jamaica

As you can see, Geoffrey Ingram is uniquely qualified to help you understand everything you need to know about unlocking your FULL leadership potential!

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Geoff Ingram
In his creative book, “The Power of One Leadership Playbook”, author Geoffrey Ingram shares insight and wisdom gleaned from over 20 years of experience as a leader in his family, in ministry and as an entrepreneur. He is both a Leadership Coach & Consultant, and is gifted in helping others to think outside the box in order to transform both their own personal lives and the lives of those they lead.

As a life coach, mentor, minister, professor and businessman, this is a tool I believe should be in the library of any type of leader who desires to help guide others in discovering and reaching their destiny. Everyone has the potential to become a successful leader, whether to one other person in need of guidance, their family, a church, a corporation,  or even a nation.

This book will assist every type of leader by helping the reader develop and sharpen their leadership skills. If your goal is to be the best leader you can be, I believe this guide will be a tremendous benefit to you! You will realize that by reaching your fullest potential as a leader,  you will in turn assist others in #livingthedream!
Dr. Chris Bowen
CEO | 5 Star Development
Bishop | Living Faith Ministerial Fellowship

I met Geoff and his lovely wife in 2017. From the moment he walked into the room I could tell that his energy and purpose operated on a different plain from most people I’ve met. I’ve had the pleasure of watching this family grow and share their talents and experience with audiences.

It’s inspiring to see how Geoff’s leadership translates to everything that he touches in his daily life. Consistency, humility and confidence are the three characteristics I’d use to best describe this motivational leader. His faith in God is grounded and his purpose in life secured. I have no doubt that this book will help people around the world to discover what true leadership is and how to apply his principles to their lives.

This book promises to shortcut the process and time it takes readers to get positive and consistent results in their personal lives and career. It will also equip the next generation of creative, out of the box thinkers, leaders and business people to start living up to their potential.
Astra Ambrister-Rolle
Bahamas Consulate General

As a leader, your skillset should be ever evolving and your desire to fine tune those skills, never-ending. The Power of One Playbook by Geoff Ingram is a powerful tool for any budding or seasoned leader that is ready to take it to the next level.

Geoff’s ability to dig deep and develop practical yet intuitive insight for challenges that leaders face is nothing short of masterful. His no non-sense playbook is packed with useful tips and thought-provoking exercises to assist you in identifying your areas of growth personally as well as your organization and how to reach your full potential!
Dr. Benson Karanja
President | Beulah Heights University

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